45 minutes in: San Francisco

[45 minutes in: is an ongoing series featuring a snapshot of a city.  I'm very lucky to do a lot of traveling with Dear World, but sometimes we're in a city for less than a day.  Sometimes all we have is 45 minutes to get out of the hotel and see something new.  This is that series.]  

We were technically staying in San Jose, about an hour outside of San Fran, and we only had a few hours one night to check out the city.  By the time it was all said and done, I think we spent more time in the car to and from, but it doesn't matter.  We had a great time with some new friends, ate some stellar sushi, like real sushi,  got some hot chocolate (it was freezing - in July) and took in some of the views.  It goes without saying that I need to get back here and properly explore the place.