Super Sunday 2017

It was another Super Sunday in the neighborhood.

Central City was buzzing.  I love this day.  I love everything about it.  I start early, grab a beer and walk around, people watch.  I grab another beer and start looking at the food trucks.  It's a hard choice, but I settle on the Yaka mein, a local delicacy.  A beautiful Soul/Asian hybrid, consider it soul ramen if you delicious broth filled with fat noodles and pork and couple of boiled eggs.  It's awesome.  But it was hot, and after a few minutes of walking around I felt like Will Farrell in Anchorman when he drinks milk on a hot day.  

Super Sunday is one of my favorite days in New Orleans.  It sums up what's best about us.  The entire community comes out to witness pretty.  That's a beautiful thing.

And one more thing...and I certainly don't mean to downplay the whole day, but fellow Super Sunday devotees - did this year seem smaller to you?  Less bands, less people, less Indians?  It was all over so quick!  In my opinion it was much smaller than years previous.  Was there a reason why?  I have no idea.  Leave a comment below if you noticed the same thing.

Enjoy the photos!