Super Sunday 2018 | Digital v. Film

You already know... Super Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year.  An entire community gathers to celebrate and take witness to pretty.  It really is a beautiful thing.  

And if you're a follower of my work, then you also know that I've been shooting a ton of film recently.  It's been a fun process that has reignited my passion for photography.  But I'm not quite ready to give up digital yet, so I brought both out on Super Sunday.  As usual, the mid day lighting was horrible- that kind of bright white light that shines down directly from above.  It doesn't look good on anyone.  I was so sure that the film I shot would be completely blown out, or at the very least look terrible.  I couldn't have been any more wrong.  (More on that below...)

Enjoy some photos from Super Sunday, a truly magnificent day.

Like I said above, the lighting was terrible.  Bright whites and dark shadows.  I shot 4 rolls of Ilford HP5 (my favorite) and was not hopeful that they would turn out.  But when I got the film back I was blown away.  The dynamic range that is baked into each frame is truly remarkable.  The tonal transitions between harsh sunlight and shadow are smooth and beautiful.  Nothing is blown out, and yet I still have a ton of detail in the shadows.  I love the grain and the overall classic feel.  HP5 is here to stay.