45 minutes in: Vegas, baby

[45 minutes in: is an ongoing series featuring a snapshot of a city.  I'm very lucky to do a lot of traveling with Dear World, but sometimes we're in a city for less than a day.  Sometimes all we have is 45 minutes to get out of the hotel and see something new.  This is that series.]  

Ah, Vegas, the Bourbon Street of America.  

The place really isn't my cup of tea.   I should clarify a couple of things.  One, I always go to Vegas for work, which doesn't leave me much time to do much else.  Two, I never really get off the Strip.  So, it's a bit unfair to judge Vegas on these things, but still, gambling just depresses me.  Most of these people can't afford to lose...yet they do, over and over again.  We've all been sold a sack of lies.  Oh, well, I digress.  

Obviously you can have fun in a place like Vegas.  You can have fun on Bourbon Street.  The only problem comes when you think it's real.