Fat Tuesday on film

It shouldn't be necessary for me to tell you that all of these were shot of film...I mean, photos are photos.  But, shooting film these days is almost like a right of passage.  More and more photographers are getting back into film, if for no other reason than they're bored, like me.   

I have always loved and romanticized the idea of film, but was always disappointed with my results.  Digital is just so good...why spend money on something that I'm not as happy with?  But recently I've been getting so tired of the same old thing.  I needed a change.  So when my mother-in-law gave me her old Canon Rebel 2000 (available for about $20 on eBay) I decided that it would be a fun distraction.  I bought a pack of Kodak Portra 160 and brought it out on Fat Tuesday.  It was the only camera I used.

Hipsters are certainly appalled that I shot film on such a "modern" camera, and not some WWII-era radioactive hunk of metal, and that's ok.  I'm extremely happy with the results.  In terms of 35mm format, digital is still better, no question.  But the colors and dynamic range of Portra 160 impressed me greatly.  Film's still got it!  

This has been a great exercise for me, and has reminded me why I love photography in the first place...something that's easy to take for granted with digital.  We get so wrapped up in the latest technological advancements and DxO marks that we forget that photography is just light and a moment.  

All the cliches are true.  Film makes you slow down, wait for a moment, appreciate each frame...etc, etc.  I'm just so glad I don't have 2,000+ photos to comb through, which I would have inevitably taken with my 5DIII.  I am happier with less.  And that's the whole point.