Riki visits Bermuda

One of the great benefits of photographing weddings is that occasionally you get to go to some really sweet places, even if it's just for a weekend.  This was the case in Bermuda, where Riki and I had a wonderful couple of days.  We stayed in an amazing AirBnb (why would you ever stay in a hotel?).  It was actually a bit too cold to swim, so we just scooted around the island looking for fun spots, which were not hard to find.  Bermuda is a paradise.  I've never seen so many shades of the color blue.  Throw Riki in there and you have the recipe for a perfect photo.  I even made it in a couple.

Also, HEMLINE is cool enough to let us borrow some cool clothes and give us a unique coupon code.  If you want to look cool like Riki, head on over to Hemline and use code riki10, good for 10% off and free shipping!  Pretty cool!  I'm selling out baby...go buy something!